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  • Maybe you always make sure that your kids have all the opportunities to succeed, but they often don’t take advantage of those opportunities.

Do you see your child struggle with friends, in school, or connecting with the family and are often stuck on how to help them?

  • Maybe there are moments when you see your child’s potential but it goes back to being hidden, and you're not sure how to bring it out.

Growing up is hard, can be chaotic and overwhelming; and it's not always a clear how to help your child face the challenge of growing up.

  • Maybe there are times when you try to help your child deal with their day to day stresses, and it seems like no matter what you try, things only get worse.

Do you ever worry if your child will make it through those challenges?

  • Maybe there are times when your child is unable to gain control, when one of life’s bigger challenges overwhelm them so much so that they can’t move forward?

When they do face one of life’s many challenges, do you believe you have the skills to help them?

What if...

  • Your child understood the value of relationships and trusted in themselves to take advantage  of the opportunities to grow into their potential.   
  • Your child saw the challenges of growing up as opportunities to grow, they knew what was ahead was difficult, but voluntarily moved forward towards the challenge anyway.
  • When your child faced a challenge, they could turn to you to guide them through the challenges of growing up.
  • When your child lost control, you knew and trusted that you had the ability to not only help them gain control, but could use the situation to help them reach their potential. 

Sometimes life’s challenges are going to overwhelm your kids, and you might wonder am I going to have the skills and abilities to help them.

I believe we all have it in us to help our kids reach their potential, we just need help figuring out which path will take us there.

Welcome to the adventure.

All of your questions, all of the challenges, all of your worries, I have grappled with for years.

Even as a child I thought about how I was going to get through the many storms of childhood. Over the last 18 years I have searched for answers and solutions in order to help other children feel understood, and families to set a plan on how to face the many challenges of growing up. What I have found in my work, and with my own children, is that there are 10 steps that will set them up to be their best.

And when they struggle, how I could use my self as their parent to help them through all of the trials and tribulations of growing up. I believe that these steps can provide a guide to any parent that will increase their belief in their own abilities and skills, create optimism about their child’s future, but most importantly establish a trusting relationship that your child can use any time they struggle with any of life certain difficulties.

Most people want to be the best parents they can be. Most parents want their children’s lives to be better than theirs, and they want their kids to be ready and willing to take on the challenges that life throws their way.

But fear and doubt of what is possible often limits the probability of potential. But I believe that we all have more to offer, we all know that there is more to us, more to our children; there are underlying strengths we can utilize to parent our children into their potential. Thats what these steps are here to do. These steps are to give you guide post on your adventure of different ways to see your children, different ways to engage your children that will not only guide them into their potential, but allow for the best of you to parent them.

These steps are a whole family approach, and the online course makes it easy for everyone to learn from. I have used these steps personally and professionally, with remarkable results. If you trust the process, then this is easier than you think, because all your potential is already there, you just have to take the journey to bring it out.

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What’s Parenting to Potential?

After working with children and families for the last 18 years in community and residential based settings, and facing the challenges of parenting my own children, I am bringing you the 10 basic steps that I have found to help children reach their potential.

Everything I do, begins and ends with trust. If they trust me, if they can come to me when they are in the depths of their struggles, then I know I can help them out of the chaos, and through the challenges of growing up.

  • Even if your kids haven’t been able to fully engage in school
  • Even if you don’t feel like you have the time or energy
  • Even if you don’t feel like you have the relationships
  • Even if you have a hard time seeing eye to eye with your partner or spouse
  • Even if you’re a single parent
  • Even if you have limited resources

10 Steps for Parenting to Potential - Online Course

There is a free handout of what the 10 steps for Parenting to Potential are, however the course is a 162 minute introductory overview about each of the 10 steps. Each video explains the step in more details, gives examples, gives practical advice, and is intended to help you start seeing your child through the lease of their potential.

  • Introduction - Course overview
  • Trust - The key component in reaching potential
  • 1st Step - Alignment Before Action
  • 2nd Step - Finding the Joy in Learning
  • 3rd Step - Make Mistakes
  • 4th Step - Be Present
  • 5th Step - Build on your Child’s Strengths
  • 6th Step - Expectation Management
  • 7th Step - Emotion Management
  • 8th Step - Set Reasonable Goals and Building Motivation
  • 9th Step - Take Breaks
  • 10th Step - Practice Communication
  • In Case of Emergency - Regulation
  • Conclusion - Bringing it all together

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