Stop Reacting and Start Parenting to Your Potential

If you had a secret weapon to being a peaceful, happy parent, would you use it?

You Don't Have Bad Kids. You're Not a Bad Parent. So What's the Problem!?

Most of what we end up doing as parents is mirrored from how we were parented. Some of it may work—most of it doesn’t.

Parenting to Potential Isn't Your Typical Parenting Course

Perhaps you’ve already tried parenting courses or read how-to books. But what if they haven’t worked. Now what? 

P2P is different because we understand that not everyone needs the same kind of support. Discover your unique way to navigate mild-to-moderate parenting issues in a safe, non-judgmental environment!


Access to our easy-to-follow workbook that helps you navigate everyday parenting pitfalls


Get actionable and effective strategies for normal kid hiccups, tough parenting choices, and even emergency situations


You aren't alone! Connect with parents just like you who are struggling with similar issues

It IS possible to help your kids through difficult situations without yelling or punishing AND your kids will actually  do what you ask them to do! Don’t believe me, try the first lesson FREE to see the difference.

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I’m Brandt Noey and after working with countless families I saw a huge disconnect between what kids need in order to learn and how we are taught to parent our children.

FULL DISCLOSURE: My wife and I haven’t always been peaceful parents ourselves.  Like most parents, as our kids grow and change, we can get frustrated by the challenge of figuring out how to teach our kids what they need to learn at each new stage . 

But as a licensed clinical social worker who provides therapy to families and children and as a father of two, I started to see the strategies that went into effective parenting that once applied made parenting easier, stress-free, even enjoyable—thus, Parenting to Potential was born.

I'm Ready to Parent to My Potential!